First Day Plans!

Anytime I think about first day’s of school, I hear my mom singing in my head, “School days, school days, golden old rule days!” My school year is getting off to an interesting start, The New School has decided to expand to high school and we are building a whole new fancy building that I would post pictures of but as of Friday, it still was not complete and ready for us to move in. We are hoping to move in tomorrow, Sunday, and we will have an open house on Tuesday with classes starting on Thursday. So this past work week has been a bit of a whirlwind and all of the 5th-10th grade teachers have been wandering the elementary school’s halls like nomad just looking for a place to get some work and planning done!

Luckily thinking about writing this post has helped me narrow down my plans for the first day! We have shortened classes, about 30 mins, on the first day. I work at a very small school so I already know the majority of my students very well going into this year. The first day will inevitably start with a class discussion about what everyone did over the summer and any new exciting happenings! There are a few new kids who I will meet prior to the first day and I think this type of atmosphere is less pressure than a get to know you game. I then plan to go through the 1-100 activity that everyone is talking about, and that Sara Van Der Werf posted a GREAT explanation of. I am excited to take pictures and talk about what group work looks like the next day. I will introduce the group roles we will be using in the class room all year before this activity. I choose these group rolls after reading Strength in Numbers by Ilana Horn.


Since our year starts on Thursday and we have shortened classes, I see Friday as an extension of the first day. On Friday I plan to go through my norms slides and add any the students believe are important and missing. One of my norms this year is Elissa Miller’s two nice things, and I am very excited about it. I will also go over my procedures slides and many of those came from TMC17! After this I will show the kids the pictures I took the day before of them working in groups in order to come up with the group work rubric the way Sara explained in her post. After this I am torn between doing talking points, broken circles or guess my rule with most of my classes. So this is up in the air, I will probably prepare all the activities and then make a game time decision!

I just bought a book (and posters from the book) that I am so excited about for my classroom! I bought the Ada Lovelace, Katherine Johnson, and Maryam Mirzakhani posters for my classroom!


Also, my lovely lizard friend, Godel, is ready to get out of my little apartment and go back to the classroom!


Yay for a new school year and new adventures!!



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